Friday, April 1, 2016

Just a Reminder...

So while we are all feeling jubilant about the press release and public statement issued by the Mayor last week on the park, please remember that there is NOT an official agreement or memorandum of understanding with the community that memorializes the intention to not sell or redevelop the park.

Today, surveyors, hired by LG Realty, were in the park surveying to create a base drawing for future plans. Plans that the community is not yet privy to.

Surveyors doing their job in the park.

Yes, this is information that we all need for developing a vision for the park. However, we also need YOUR VOICE to tell the Mayor and City Council that the park must remain public, and that it should NOT be rezoned without a master plan in place that defines a vision for these critical properties.

Please write and call your council people and the Mayor's Office to let them know that public parks are not here for the whims of private developers, and that healthy vibrant communities preserve their public spaces for ALL residents.

Thank you.

P.S. A few great new pieces on Penn Plaza and Enright Park, as well as affordable housing in Pittsburgh:

Check out this piece in the City Paper by Ryan Deto, which raises the question we have all been asking: how long has LG Realty been planning to redevelop Penn Plaza and why have they been so elusive in letting the community know?

And Citizen Vrabelman begins to demystify "affordable housing" and what it really means in this post on Downstream.

And here is a new piece in the Post-Gazette about how transportation (or rather lack of it) adds to the costs, making even affordable housing unaffordable.

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