Friday, January 12, 2018

Long Silence, Much Exhaustion. More PLDP.

No excuses for the long silence, but it has been exhausting.

A new (revised) preliminary land development plan has been submitted. You can download it for review here. Public process will kick into gear in February, we are assuming. On this end, we are stretched to the max of capacity.

As a side note, in downloading the RA-PLDP tonight, we realized that to keep files straight we were creating a folder for the THIRD year of this process. It started (publicly) in 2015.


And also, seriously, why doesn't anyone over the age of 40 know how to reduce the size of their PDFs? Who wants to download 120 megs of data unnecessarily? Luckily for you, we here in Enright Park know how to reduce file size and save your data plan 100 megs along the way... Even if we are over 40.