The Trees in Enright Park

This page is a summary of information about the tree canopy of Enright Park, as assessed by Tree Pittsburgh in a 2013 report.

2010 – TreeVitalize Pittsburgh planted 22 new street trees on Penn Ave. in front of Penn Plaza paid for by Federal Stimulus funds totaling approx. $19,646.00

2011 – TreeVitalize Pittsburgh planted 12 new trees in Enright Park with 24 volunteers from community. NOTE: Developer's plans will demolish at least four of these trees.

2013 – The Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission hired a national independent urban forestry consulting firm to conduct an inventory of Enright Park based on the City Planning Departments Open Space Plan to invest in Enright Park.

2103- Tree Pittsburgh, using data and recommendations from PSTC’s inventory, hired a professional contractor to prune 18 mature trees in the park at a cost of $12,625.00.

2011 to Present – Tree Pittsburgh staff and community volunteers have weeded, watered, mulched and pruned the young trees in Enright Park and along Penn Ave. numerous times.

Using the US Forest Service’s i-tree ECO computer model, the following analysis was completed:

43 trees inventoried in the park
18 mature oak trees over 20”DBH that provide maximal environmental benefits. NOTE: Developer's plans will 13 demolish at least of these 18 trees. One of the remaining 5 is in poor condition.
34,695 gallons/annually of avoided stormwater runoff due to tree canopy
67,962.5 lbs. of carbon storage
$107,617.00 – structural value of trees in Enright Park

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