Wednesday, April 6, 2016

An Update (from the land of never ending updates)

Originally published on the Save Enright Parklet page on Facebook by Angelique Bamberg:

Our campaign to Save Enright Park (because it really is a true park, despite its official moniker as "parklet") has come a long way since September. Above all, we have seen and heard the City acknowledge the deep meaning and importance of this urban oasis to our community. That culminated in the Mayor's press release after the March 22 City Council hearing declaring that Enright would remain a public park and the Penn Plaza developers would be required to participate in "a detailed public process" to define its future. THANK YOU to all who came out and made yourselves heard on that day! Your eloquence no doubt played a part in this heartening turn of events.

However, much as we would have liked to declare a victory on March 22, the saga continues. No formal, written agreement has followed from the Mayor's statement, and, as you may know, Councilman Burgess spoke strongly in favor of the rezoning at Council, despite the unanimous opposition of his constituents at the hearing. We have now learned that project proponents intend to force a vote on the rezoning as soon as possible; the final vote could happen this coming Tuesday, the 12th.

Despite the Mayor’s best intentions, we believe that this rezoning puts the park in grave danger, as it is clear that the developer has every intention of using current park land for his buildings. We are doing everything we can to communicate the urgency of the situation to every Council member, and we continue to be in communication with the Mayor’s office. The process continues to lurch from crisis to crisis, with the developers applying all the pressure they can bring to bear.

We have neither their millions nor their connections, but we do have you on our side. If we can, we ask you once again to rally yourselves and reach out to your Council member and tell him or her that this process isn’t acceptable in East Liberty, and it’s not acceptable anywhere in the city.

said many times, but needs to be said again: why we do what we do...

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