Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Proposed Park Plan

Just so that it is clear and easy to find, we wanted to post the proposed park reconfiguration here so that folks can understand it in full.

Also, although it doesn't appear on this drawing, there is a plan for park improvements that are part of this project. You can see the preliminary concepts from the presentation that was made to Art Commission last year (below). There is further work and refinement to be done to the designs, but the intention is that this would move in parallel with the development. Here are the designs as of last summer (2018), courtesy Studio Brian Haynes. A few observations:

  • Yes, we lose the majority of the trees in the park. But we get a park that is better connected for everyone and no longer hemmed in by a private developer on three sides. 
  • We go from two full basketball courts to one and a half. Based on observations over the past fifteen plus years, we do not foresee this as a problem. Most use is by groups playing half court games, or by kids using the courts for bike riding and scootering.

Here you can see the existing park outline and features overlaid with reconfigured park area. Link to enlarge here.

 This is the proposed design of the park based on the new configuration. Link to enlarge here.

And a bird's eye view of the park from above South Euclid (the new development are the tall blocks in the background). Link to enlarge here.

We'd love to get your thoughts on the designs and what should be changed/adjusted as it moves forward. Please leave comments below or email us at

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  1. I like the park in it's current configuration with the existing trees. Why not leave it as is and just modernize it? Why reconfigure?