Friday, March 18, 2016

Join the Enright Park Neighborhood Association Today!

It's official!

We have launched the Enright Park Neighborhood Association, founded to give voices to residents, business owners, organizations, and other community members adjacent to Enright Parklet a voice.

Being a member helps to build a forum for community dialogue, and a way to share information about what is happening in our community. And it helps us to build strength as our community questions the development that is being proposed without our input.

Our goals are to:

FOSTER community engagement in the planning and development process in our neighborhood
ENHANCE the livability of the neighborhood through collaborative processes
SUPPORT existing community members and the struggle to maintain affordability in the face of a changing East Liberty
COMMUNICATE information about what is happening in our neighborhood, East Liberty, and throughout the East End

Please become a member today by completing the membership form here. You don't live or work in the neighborhood? You can still become a Friend of Enright Park and support the community goals! Use the membership form to indicate your support.


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