Monday, March 21, 2016

Sample Letter and Contact Information for City Council

This post will inevitably be linked to many times, and in many ways, but here is the complete list of contact information for members of City Council. Please write to them to let them know that the Penn Plaza - Enright Parklet site must have a community-driven master plan that defines a vision for livability that includes both affordable and market-rate housing, transit access, neighborhood-scaled retail, and, of course, a public park that serves all members of our community.

In addition, if you are at a loss for words, you can use this sample letter as a starting point for your correspondence. Please add your own voice and specific concerns that you have about the proposal.

Bruce A. Kraus, Councilman, City Council President, District 3
Tel. 412-255-2130

Darlene Harris, District 1
Tel. 412-255-2135

Theresa Kail-Smith, Councilwoman, District 2
Tel. 412-255-8963

Natalia Rudiak, District 4 [Ashleigh Deemer Chief of Staff]
Tel. (412) 255-2131

Corey O’Connor, District 5  [Curt Conrad, Chief of Staff]
Tel. 412-255-8965

R. Daniel Lavelle, District 6  [Daniel Wood Chief of Staff]
Tel. 412-255-2134

Deborah Gross, District 7
Tel. 412-255-2140

Dan Gilman, District 8 [Erika Strassburger, Chief of Staff]
Tel. 412.255.2133

Rev. Ricky V. Burgess, District 9
Tel. (412)-255-2137


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