Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015 - What we did.

It was a gorgeous gorgeous day. Watching, I was amazed to see that, in fact, every inch of the park was used over the course of the afternoon. Kids ranged all over the place, from the playground to the unstructured open space of the field. Baseball and catch were played in the field at the end of Amber Street. Picnic blankets and chairs set up under the oak at the end of Eva. Of course there was basketball and so much sidewalk chalk. Late breaking football toss and tag on the basketball court.

It wasn't just about the kids (although my photos are mostly about the kids). Neighbors came out with their dogs to say hello and catch some sun. Others just stopped by to say hello and see what we were up to.

But if anyone ever wants to know why I love this neighborhood so much, and the park that is the center of it, please look at these photos.

And please come and join us next Sunday.

Took breaks and ate more snacks. 
Looked so grown up our neighbors can't believe it. <3

Pretended we were far far away in the woods.

Chalk paintings... and chalk eating.

Wiped our hands on friends (sorry about that!).

Followed our big brothers around.

Played baseball.

Made new friends.

Ate snacks.

And more chalk.
Looked radiant in the fall sunshine.

Played tag.

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  1. Such type of parks should be organized well for the kids to do what ever they want about website. Making the Sunday better by this way is an awesome idea for kids and there parents. I am glad to see your work.