Saturday, December 17, 2016

Short Updates, Brief Reflections.

(This will be a brief post because it's late and there are Christmas cookies to be made for small children to decorate tomorrow, and soup and bread to be prepped for a wintery dinner. I hope that you have the opportunity to be enjoying winter with family and friends, and that you enjoy the solstice as much as we do!)

There has been some amazing recent coverage about what is happening in East Liberty and the new plans for Penn Plaza and Enright Park.This piece in the Huffington Post (originally published via Medium - please remember that the Huff Po doesn't pay contributors, so, if you can, send a few dollars towards Caitlyn so that she can keep up the work!) There's a minute of video of the amazing and fearless Jacquea Mae of 1Hood in the post; more live video on Facebook if you care to search too.

To quote the article "It’s important to show up to meetings like this if you can, it’s important to be ugly and unapologetic, it’s important to speak and keep speaking, and be angry, because if we are not angry then, to paraphrase Zora Neale Hurston, people will take everything away and say that you agreed."

This has been our experience time and time again with this project. Meetings are held and there is no action taken on any of the dialogue, yet the developers claim credit for just having shown up to begin with. We are done with that. Stay tuned. As we have said before, the park is an issue because it keeps us in the game, but it is not the whole game by far. An equitable East Liberty is the end game.

But I want to bring people's attention mostly to here, a 2005 piece in the Post-Gazette, just after the towers started coming down on Penn Circle. It's striking as it seems clear that we are destined to relive our mistakes and our lessons unlearned from history.


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